James , Joy and their three girls relocated to South Africa from Zimbabwe in 2006, settling on the farm in Muldersvlei in 2009. They were always involved in the breeding of thoroughbred horses and growing flowers.

The name Vashto is the umbrella company name and it originates from a foundation mare that James’ Grandfather gave to his father for thoroughbred horse breeding, and the legacy of success continues as it is now the name of a fast growing, exciting flower business. The Western Cape Climate with the warm dry summers are beneficial to both horses and growing healthy, beautiful flowers.

At Vashto we grow the seasonal flowers that are good to grow in the western cape as well as sourcing other products and helping other growers to market their products .

Here are just a few companies who we supply our flowers to





These flower in Spring from mid September to December. They come in White, Yellow and Orange. These particular varieties have been developed locally to insure a lovely big thick head size and incredibly long vase life.

Giant delphiniums

Flower throughout winter and provide a beautiful elegance to any room. They are sold in a mix of colours of various shades of blues, mauves and white.



This happy flower needs no introduction for this spring flower. When you see these, you know that winter is almost over.



Are an all year round crop, showing off a big head size in Summer and naturally smaller in winter because of the cold, but still providing cheerfulness in your home.


Snowball Bushes

Look like a mini Hydrangea, are very popular to Brides and are highly sort after as they only flower for 2 weeks of the year in October.



Are part of the leek and onion family, these beautiful big purple balls make an incredible statement in a vase.


For something different in a bouquet adding texture and fresh colour. Also elegant as a straight in a tall vase. A more humorous, common name for them is Old Man’s Balls.


Michaelmis Daisy

Can be seen in purple, pink and white, they are usually used as a filler, but when put together in a mass bunch they make a lovely statement.


Like the Michaelmis daisy, it also makes a statement just on its own with it’s electric yellow colour.


Pussy Willow

These flower in Spring from September to November. The buds start popping in August but are fully open from September

Tortured Willow

Are perfect in winter for a dramatic statement in a vase. As there is no foliage or flower, their vase life is incredibly long especially if you keep changing your water.


These edible, ornamental chillies look spectacular on there own in a vase, add a difference to a bouquet, but watch out, they are edible and extremely cheeky!

Sweet William Dianthus

These flower in Winter and Spring from the beginning of June to October. They come in various colours Cerise, Red and Pink and White Bi Colour. They are used for straight lines and bouquets

Polygala Myrtifolia

Locally grown, green year round, flowering in September, October. The purple flowers have a long vase life. Great value in a bouquet and beautiful on it’s own.



Flower from November through to August but do have a dip for 2 weeks in February. They give off a beautiful fresh, floral scent.


Start flowering in Spring and go into Summer. They provide a beautiful, bright splash of colour and go on and on in the vase as the fresh buds keep popping open.



Are indigenous to the Cape and flower in Spring time. Exclusive to Woolworths.



Flower through Spring, Summer and Autumn. They can be used as a greenery in bouquets and when they sprout their orange flower, they have been known to be called a thistle on steroids.



A Beautiful splash of red that flowers just in time for Xmas and through to Valentines day– showing LOVE with a difference.

Feather Celosia

A completely different shape, looking like a bushy feather with a pink tip. Looks lovely on it’s own and is useful for dimension in a bouquet.

Summer Asters

Are a beautiful splash of various colours.